MCC drive cleans up Bibi Alabi Road

26 November 2009

An hour-long drive by the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) officials on Saturday left the Bibi Alabi Road in the central business area of the city much cleaner and wider. The operation was conducted near the scrap market, also known as Chor Bazar.

The MCC staff removed loads of scrap items, doors of cars, and other spare parts of automobiles on a lorry. The traders had occupied much part of the road and left them on the public property overnight. A jeep and a scooter, with most of their parts yet to be dismantled, were loaded on to a truck using a crane and taken away. A few merchants were seen removing the goods placed on the road in order to save them from being taken away the MCC staff.

The drive which started about 7.30 am took the scrap merchants by surprise. In fact, there was some drama for a brief while when the MCC staff started removing several articles placed in the front of the shop of Abdul Hamad. He arrived on the scene and spoke to policemen and officials in a raised voice. He sought five minutes time to remove the article but this was not granted. A couple of automobile engines were loaded on an MCC truck, even as he was protesting. A fuming Mr. Hamad, who claimed to be the President of the Scrap and Iron Merchants Association, said he has not been served with a notice.

MCC Revenue Officer Meghana R. told him that the Deputy Commissioner V. Ponnuraj and MCC Commissioner K.N. Vijayaprakash had already visited the area and asked the merchants not to encroach road. Mr. Hamad shouted at her saying that no notice has been served to the merchants before carrying out the drive. At one point of time, Mr. Hamad’s supporters climbed on to the truck to get back the articles already loaded into it. Policemen intervened and had them climb down. Mr. Hamad attempted to block its movement and had to be taken aside by the police.

A policeman present on the spot pointed out that the recent visit by the DC and MCC Commissioner has had a salutary effect on the road.

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