Airbus 321 lands at Bajpe

01 February 2007

Bajpe airport for the first time handled an Airbus 321, considered to be the biggest aircraft in the domestic civil aviation sector in the country, on Wednesday.
The aircraft was operated by Kingfisher airlines. The airbus from Mumbai landed on the new runway of the airport at 3 p.m. The aircraft took off to Mumbai later.
Kingfisher airlines was the first airline operator to land an Airbus 319 and an Airbus 320 at Bajpe airport last year.


Nobody Likes Me said...

What is the meaning of AirBus. Is it a Bus where air is comming inside the bus, if that is the case then no BIG DEAL coz the all the city bus in mangalore has air comming and going from everywhere coz there are no windows (not microsoft window)

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