Doha-Bahrain-Mangalore Direct Flight for Final Approval

19 February 2007

According to reliable sources from Air India Express in Qatar, the direct flights from Doha to Mangalore will start flying tentatively on March 25th 2007, on Sundays and Tuesdays of every week. On Sundays, the flight will fly from Doha International Airport around 13.45 hours directly into Mangalore Airport. It will land in Mangalore Airport at 7.45 PM (IST). This flight will return back to Doha via Bahrain after one hour ground time at Mangalore. On Tuesdays, Air India Express will fly from Doha via Bahrain into Mangalore airport and will fly directly back to Doha International Airport.

Although the days of the flight are confirmed by reliable sources at Air India Express in Qatar, the flight schedules are yet to be officially announced.
Mangaloreans can very soon fly directly to their destination (or much closer to their destination) within the next couple of days. "Our dream will come true and our efforts have given fruitful result" expressed a prominent member of the Karnataka Expatriate Community, Mr. Iqbal Manna.
Tulu Koota Qatar President Mr. Divakar Poojary, KMCA President Mr. Syed Abdul Hye, Dakshina Kannada Sunni Center President Mr. Abdulla Mono have lauded all efforts to get this flight and have voiced their appreciation for all the support and encouragement initiated by the officials of Air Indian Express, Civil Aviation Authorities, local political leaders and the concerned Government authorities.
The mood of the Mangalorean community in Qatar is noticeable everywhere and this has become the talk of the town. Several families are looking forward to flying directly to Mangalore during their children’s forthcoming annual vacation which starts on 1st July 2007 upto 31st August 2007.
There are also concerns from a few expatriate communities hailing from Kasaragod/Kundapur and Bhatkal area that the timing may be inconvenient as the flight lands late in the evening, which could cause inconvenience and insecurity especially to families to reach their final destination during the midnight hours. Suggestions have also been made by a few expatriate community members to arrange one such flight on Thursday (Weekends) or Friday from Qatar which could add one bonus holiday to their vacation days.
Since the proposal to fly Mangalore by Air Indian Express is at the table of the Civil Aviation Authorities for the final approval, the anxiety among the enthusiastic Mangalorean Community intensifies to make sure that their chance to fly comes first.



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