Masjid Zeenath Baksh

20 December 2006

The Masjid Zeenath Baksh, which is known to be Jumma Masjid, Mangalore is a historical mosque constructed in seventh century by Muslim Arab Traders. When the traditional treasons and repulsive rebellions were in active competition between one section of the society and the other, in the coastal belt of then South Kanara and Malabar Districts, due to different castes and creeds, the message of Islam entered this soil to spread Love, Peace and Creedless brotherhood.

Historical view :
After the advent of Islam, Muslim Arab Traders had very cordial relationship with the Rulers of Western coastal belt of this country, as well as with the people of this soil. The history revealed that there were many rich traders, from the Muslim Community in the Western Coastal belt dealing with the traders of the Middle East Countries through the Arabian Sea. Consequent on the advent of Islam in the early stage, a team of Arab Muslim Traders, under the Leadership of Hazarath Mohammed Malik Bin Dinar had visited Malabar and landed at Koranganoor, and attracted not only the people of the soil but also the ten ruler, Raja Cheruman Permal by their well behavior in the contact, honesty in trade, discipline in dealings and peaceful religious and pious life within the doctrines of Islam. The then ruler accommodated and provided them proper facilities for living, place for trading and also land for building Mosques.

The spontaneous and splendorous attitude of the Muslim Arab Traders, facilitated to construct the first mosque, in Koranganoor, out of the 10 Mosques established by them in this district and Malabar. The Masjid Zeenath Baksh (Jumma Masjid), Bunder, Mangalore is said to have been established in Mangalore in 644 A.D. and the first Khazi appointed was Hazarath Moosa Bin Malik, S/o Malik Bin Abdullah. This Mosque was inaugurated on Friday the 22nd of the month of Jumadil Avval in 22 of Hijara (644A.D.). That this sacred Mosque was established by not less than the Holy men of Arabia, who were said to be Kith and Kin of "SAHABAS" (Associates) of "Prophet" Hazarath MOHAMMED RASULULLAH (S.A.). Fortunate the people of Mangalore are that they have great Historical Mosque before them and they have the privilege of offering prayer in this Mosque.

In the year 17th century Hazarath Tippu Sultan, King of Mysore who ruled Mangalore renovated further and beautified the Mosque Building by providing wooden carvings to the pillars and ceilings both inside and outside. These carvings being very rare piece of artwork, very lucrative for eyes and a must see object. Tippu Sultan has also built a Masjid at Mangalore 2k.m away from this Mosque, which is presently called as Idgah Masjid at the top of hill (now called as Light House Hill). Muslim brothers from all over the district gathers here and offers prayer on festive day of Id-Ul-Fitr. Subsequently in the year 1920, Mangalore bail family constructed Jamath Khana.


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