Mangalore Railway station

20 December 2006

Mangalore Central Railway Station (Mangalore Railway Station) is one of the two stations in Mangalore. It is about 1 km from the heart of Mangalore. Malabar Express, Mangalore Mail, Parasuram Express and Matsyagandha Express pass through this station. From here, it is quite easy to reach Goa, one of the important tourist destinations in India, by Konkan railway route. Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminal is provided by the railway department for the ease of travelers. Going north, the main station next to Mangalore is at Udupi and traveling south Kasargod Railway Station is the nearest main station.


Pro said...

A Great place for Chai and Samosas..The official language used here is Malayalish(i.e Malyalam-English)..So dont bother to call the Enquiry counter if u dont understand Malayalam or Malayalish,but then u neednt worry much cause, there are more chances of u being hit by a stray american missile aimed at Iraq than the Mangalore railway enquiry call being actually answered..On a serious note,the station building has a beautiful victorian kind of elevation..The structure underwent a massive renovation recently and is considered one of the landmarks in Managalore.

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