Two fishing boats collided, 1 boat sunk, 6 persons rescued

26 August 2009

Two fishing boats collided with each other at 20 kms distance from Uchila beach of Someshwar in which one fishing boat (troll boat) sunk and 6 persons were rescued from the danger.

The sunken fishing boat “Ganesh Prabha-1” belongs to Ganesh Krupa Enterprises. The accident occurred after collision with another boat “Habathulla”.

Ganesh Prabha -1 was fishing at 20 kms distance around dawn 4.00 a.m from the shore, another boat Hibatulla which was fishing in the same region collided with the latter boat.The fishermen in the drowning boat was rescued by another crew of “Maha Ganesh” boat which was fishing in the nearby region.

The major parts of the Ganesh Prabha-1 boat were severely damaged. The loss was estimated to be about 30 lakhs. Attempts are being made for the salvage of the sunken ship.

Complaint has been registered in Port and Fisheries Department, Police Station and Troll Boat Fishermen’s’ Association.
source udayavani


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