Alukka’s second modern Jewelry shop

05 October 2009

The Kerala based Joy Alukka’s and sons will open its second modern Jewelry shop in Mangalore on October 10. The glittering inaugural ceremony will be adorned by not just diamonds and gold jewelry but also the well known beauty queen and actress Navya Nair who will be the main attraction of the inaugural ceremony according to the Managing Director of the company Mr. Varghese Alukka in a press conference on Saturday.

The new showroom will be situated in the Mischief Mall on K.S. Rao Road. The Inauguration will be done by the state minister for environment and economy Mr. Krishna Palemar. The Alukka’s group which is known for its quality and range has also made a name for itself in the international market also by its marketing tactics and quality jewelry.

Mr. Alukka told that the new shop will have an exclusive antique jewelry range which come at a surprisingly low prices, apart from this there will be several other ranges that will be priced at competitive rates. The brand equity of the Alukka’s Jewelry range will be the exclusive diamond jewelry which cannot be seen anywhere else.

The new shop will have BSI Hallmark gold ornaments and branded Diamond and Gold jewelry of all national and international companies. Special section for platinum jewelry was also one of the features of the new shop Mr. Alukka said.

Tracing the history of Alukka’s chain of gold shops Mr. Alukka told that the chain came into being with a single shop in Trishur in Kerala in 1964. Later the group spread its activities to Tamil Nadu, others parts of Kerala, Karnataka and the Middle East. The company is led by Varghese Paul Alukka along with partners like John Alukka. The company has over 2.10 crore consumer bank and is served by 4200 employees. On the occasion of inauguration of the Mangalore’s second showroom the Alukka’s will unveil its exclusive bridal jewelry he added.

The shop will have a total Diamod Jewelry of Rs. 50 crore he added. One can also see and buy raw diamonds which have been imported from Diamond producing countries of the world.



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