Communities pledge for peace

14 October 2009

Spiritual leaders of Hindu, Muslim and Christian came together at the Eid Souharda Koota organised by the Youth Wing of Jamaat -e-Islami Hind at Shanti Nilaya in Balmatta on Tuesday.

Hindu sect was represented by Esha Vittala Dasa swamiji of Kemar Math, Muslim community was represented by Ahmed Haji of Mohiudeen Trust of Thumbe and Christians were represented by Fr. Ronnie Prabhu director of Fathima Retreat House.

All the three spiritual leaders gave a unified call for peace and fraternity between them. The Swamiji said, there should be Shanti (peace) in every aspect of life which is teaching in Bhagavadgita, but we should not be afraid of vanquishing the evil. In modern life poverty, ignorance, ill health and communal feelings were the evils which we should vanquish with the strength of our character and unity he added.

Fr. Prabhu speaking on the occasion called on the various communities not to be driven by a few people who have ulterior designs, they are everywhere and in all religions.

Mr. Ahmed Haji re-iterated the need for communal harmony and societal peace for progress and development. He asked various communities keep their youth in check and help them to concentrate on better things in life like education, sports and social service.

About 300 people from all religions attended the Souharda Koota and had snacks together.



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