Munnur village becomes model

05 October 2009

The Munnur Gram Panchayat in Ullal has turned out to be a model to the rest by successfully implementing a Rs 3.5 lakh action plan under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, by spending just Rs one lakh. This news has come in a welcome relief at a time when there are complaints of the failure of this scheme in several places in the district due to the gross neglect of both the officials and elected representatives.

Presently, under the project a 1.5 km long canal is being laid in the panchayat from Pakshitota to Battetadi. In the next phase, construction of another canal measuring ten kms would be taken up at a cost of Rs 10.25 lakhs.

Though Munnur cannot be considered a very backward area, the village has several people who struggle to get an employment while most of the families rely on beedi rolling to eke out a living.



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