‘Certificate’ for DK police getting ready !

01 October 2009

“The certificate for the DK police is getting ready,” an informal remark made by Justice Somashekar during the proceedings of the Commission on Thursday has raised speculations about the outcome of the report of the enquiry Commission.

He was reacting to the statement made by the advocate for the Police M Narayana Reddy that Police have gone out of their way in helping the Christians during the church attacks. Even as the advocate was telling the Commission that baseless allegations have been made against the police, Justice Somashekhar intervened and said “do not resort to mutual back slapping. The fact that police have done a good job is only your version of the argument. The Commission however does not hold this view. I am preparing a certificate on the conduct of the DK Police.”

He also cautioned Advocate Reddy against unnecessary waste of time when the latter raised an objection against the allegations made by Sr Jacinta Cardoza of Capitanio School against the police. It is alleged that the police failed to act on a complaint made by Sr Jacinta about some Bhajrangdal activists for distributing a booklet titled ‘ Missionaries killed the Mahatma of Orissa.” She also refuted the arguments made by the counsel for Bhajrangdal Jagadeesh Shenava that no books and pamphlets have ever been distributed in Capitanio and that some materials were allegedly brought into the school with a view to bring bad name to Bhajrangdal.

source the canara times


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