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29 September 2009

Mangalore City Corporation could well start providing round the clock water supply to all its 60-wards from November. Steps taken by it to plug water theft along its main water supply line from Thumbay to the city, augmentation of water availability through the new 18-MGD line laid alongside the existing pipeline have all greatly aided the civic body's resolve to ensure uninterrupted water supply to its residents.

Mayor M Shankar Bhat told The Times of India here on Monday that the repeated allegations by the opposition Congress is a case of mere politicking. "At present, 75% of the wards in Mangalore are receiving water supply round the clock," the Mayor said, and added this would become a reality in the remaining wards once the work of interconnecting the pipelines laid under an ADB assisted project is completed.

All the overhead tanks in the city are full and some of them are overflowing, Bhat said adding that supplying water round the clock in all the wards would soon become a reality. Stating that he would make an official announcement in this regard in the monthly council meeting to be held next month, he said, "As of now, we are having surplus water and the steps taken by us in tackling illegal connections have yielded results."

The city, which hitherto received 12-MGD water from its old 18-MGD line, is presently receiving 16-MGD of water, Bhat said, attributing this increase to a concerted disconnection drive launched by the civic body officials along the main water pipeline route. More such disconnection drives are planned, Bhat said, adding this would only go on to augment water availability and facilitate its continuous supply to residents.

The city is receiving around 10-12 MGD water in the new 18-MGD line, which is under testing, he said. "We are running the pump on the new line for around six hours each day," the Mayor said, adding that the results are encouraging. Admitting that few areas such as Mannagudda, Hoige Bazar are facing water shortage, Bhat said this was on account of road improvement works and water pipes bursting at some of these places.

Bhat also dismissed contention of the Congress that the civic body planned to provide 5 MGD water to coal stacking yard of Udupi Power Corporation Ltd at New Mangalore Port. "We will be providing them only 0.05 MGD and that too two-years down the line, by which time our water availability would have been augmented further from various sources including the treated water from the sewage treatment plants," he said.

source times of india


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