Slow poison injected to trees

11 September 2009

Mangalore city is known for its greenery and nature beauty but present its spoiling because of some unacceptable incidents. Recently Mangalore created a big issue by building relationship between trees and human beings.

Now one more issue like killing of trees in a cruel manner grabbed the attention of all the Mangaloreans.

Yesterday some culprits have drilled the trees which are planted in front of Ibrose commercial Complex near M G Road and injected some chemical which will kill the trees slowly. This incident occurred early in the morning and some unknown persons have committed it before the public start moving on road.

This premise is belonging to Mangalore City Corporation and these trees where disturbing parking in front of Ibrose Complex.

Thursday Chandrashekar, Section Officer, Forest Department visited the place and inspected the trees. Talking with representative he said, this cruelty have committed by the building owners because watchman of the building was the evidence for the incident. Wednesday he had given statement to a media but today he is missing.

Some sources have informed that he had been removed from the job for telling the truth with the media. Present forest department is going to take strict legal action on the building owners and try to bring them in front of the court. Also department will try to reach the watchman who was on duty at that time, he told.

Six trees which were healthily grown up were got affected by the cruel work of Building owners. Public blamed that, present activists are not allowing anyone to cut off the trees so it is the plan to kill the trees then they can easily reach the target.



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