Fishermen safe as Boat drowns

25 September 2009

All 9 fishermen were rescued from a boat drowned 138kms away from the beach. The boat belongs to Sandeep Kumar Ullal.

All rescued fishermen are from Tamilnadu and are identified as driver Bhoomi (45), Govinda (44), Kamaraj (35), Rajendran (40), Muttu (38), Sagaya (37), Selvaraj (40), Mohan (42) and Ravi (38)

The boat started to drown at 189kms away on Wednesday 2.00pm caused by bad weather conditions. As per the timely wireless message sent by the fishermen, 3 boats – Tanvi Manvi, Baby Ahana and Sea Blue came near the boat and rescued all fishermen. They brought the boat till 44 kms but it completely drowned at the time. Fish caught for 6 days was there in the boat.

Estimated loss is estimated at Rs.50 lakhs.

source udayavani


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