No objection to extend Mangalore-Bangalore Train

18 September 2009

The Mangalore-Bangalore train which is embroiled in controversy right from the beginning has now a new controversy - a certain organization that is known as West Coast Rail Yathri Development
Committee has opined that the Bangalore Mangalore night train should be extended to Kannur and towards Karwar. The railway was a national property and it has no regional boundaries, they say. The committee which has newly come into existence has a new formula for ending the Railway blues that the cities of Mangalore and Bangalore were experiencing since the Railway budget was presented.
The Forum in a press release here today has said they have no objection for the extension of the train. In fact they have also suggested that the train should be extended towards Kannur thrice a week and towards Karwar for four days in a week.

The Committee has stated that it was not scientific that the train should be extended to Kannur all days of the week as the traffic between Mangalore and Kannur was not all that intense, this sector had many trains already running with only 50 per cent occupancy, but the schedules towards Karwar needs some space for the passengers. Pilgrimage centres like Udupi, Kollur, Hattiangady, Murudeshwar, Idagunji and Gokarna needs train connectivity the committee opines. However the committee made one valid observation that the extended trains should run under a new name and new number once they arrive in Mangalore.

The committee has hoped that the changes will not divest the people of Mangalore or Bangalore from their rightful berths and seats on the train between two cities. By changing the train numbers and name of the train, if not, as much as 400 berths will be lost for Mangaloreans and Bangaloreans the release averred.

The committee also wanted the day train bearing numbers 6515 and 6516 should run every day between Mangalore and Yeshwanthpur, instead of thrice a week.

Convener of the Railway Horata Samithi P.V. Mohan has suggested that the Bangalore-Kannur via Jolarpettai and Palghat should be extended up to Mangalore central, which will bring down the opposition to extension of Bangalore-Mangalore night train to Kannur. Mr.Muniyappa has asked the Southern Railway officials to give him a proposal to this effect.

Union minister for Law Mr. M. Veerappa Moily however has this observation to make "No single person, organisation or group can claim credit for this train. It is the concept of inclusive society that the Indian railway and the Union government have been trying to infuse, Railways is not just a means of travel but also a means for empowering the society to travel at their will and at their cost".



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