Signature campaign to ban cow slaughtering

29 September 2009

Ban on cow slaughtering sign collecting campaign began in the city on Monday 28th September 2009 at Mangala Devi Temple Premise. Vajra Dehi Matt Raj Shekar Ananda Swamiji started the campaign by worshiping the Indian origin breed cow.

Explaining the importance of cow Raj Shekar Ananda Swamiji said, “Cow is to be protected by nation, slaughtering of cow is a curse to whole mankind, hurting of cow is equal to hurting our own mother, cow gives maximum things which are the needs of human but man is so cruel he kills it for business. She is the wealth of nation; saving her is the responsibility of all of us. This signature campaign is the promise to save the cow, who is more than a mother” he said

M V Puranik introduced the sign campaigning and explained the reasons for it. Representatives from different associations, unions and institutions were signed campaigning letters of sign collecting campaign for the ban on cow slaughtering in India.

Collection of sign will be sent to the Central Government to get a new Constitutional Law to ban cow slaughtering in India.



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