Master Vianni felicitated

12 September 2009

The St. Aloysius High School along with its Headmaster, Management Committee, Staff, Parent Teacher Association and Students' Council organized a felicitation ceremony to a Great Achiever, Master Vianni Anotonio D'Cunha,
for securing the "International Master Norm", today 11th September, 2009 at 2.30 p.m., at St. Aloysius High School Hall.

Master Vianni and all the guests were traditionally welcomed by the college band. All the guests along with Vianni and his parents were escorted to the dais by Fr. Melwyn J. Pinto, S.J., Headmaster, St. Aloysius High School.

The program began with a prayer song by the students. Mr. U. G.K. Bhat (Class Teacher of Vianni ) welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests to everyone present there. In his welcome speech, Mr. U.G.K.Bhat said, "Vianni is a pride to our school, at this tender age he has achieved a great title and made all of us proud."

Mrs. Sunitha D'Souza read out Master Vianni's achievements to the gathering. Rev. Fr. Melwyn J. Pinto S.J., in his felicitation speech said, "Vianni is special with great characters within him. He is a boy with great concentration. His interest in studies as well as in chess is extraordinary. All the students should learn the meaning of concentration from him. Today, he has achieved an International Master Norm title which reminds us of the famous chess player, Vishwanath Anand. When Vianni is studying, he does not think about chess and when he is playing chess, he does not think about studies. Today, Vianni has taught all the students the value of concentration." He continued by stressing on the importance of concentration, "If you would like to come up in life and achieve something in your life, then you have to concentrate on a particular subject. Keep an aim in your life and achieve your goal." Praising Vianni's attitude, he said, "Vianni has no headweight and he is a down to earth and humble." He said he had hopes for Vianni to be number one in the world and make his school and his parents even more proud of him.

Mr. U. T. Khader (M.L.A Mangalore), in his speech said, "If I am in politics and I'm an able leader in Mangalore, then it is due to the education in St. Aloysius. St. Aloysius is giving quality education and this Institution is encouraging students in various activities. Today Master Vianni has achieved an International Master Norm at the tender age. Chess is a mental game and it needs brain power as well as concentration. Today he has brought fame to Mangalore."

Encouraging Vianni he said, "Today you have taken a great step towards victory and you have been compared with the famous world chess champion, Mr. Vishwanath Anand, and it is a great honour to be recognized with great people." He urged the management, the parents and the gathering to encourage him more and more and to bring more laurels to the Institution.

Mr. B. Nagaraj Shetty President, Coastal Development Authority, could not attend the felicitation ceremony because of his political commitments. In his message read out on the occasion, said that "Our state is known as an intellectual state and Vianni has proved it. It is a pride for all Mangaloreans as well as the people of Karnataka."

Mr. Kodandarama (Block Education Officer, Mangalore City) addressing the gathering said, "For us today is a great day and it gives me a great pleasure to honour this little master with a great achievement." He congratulated the parents for nurturing this boy from his birth and spending money on his training in order to expose his talent internationally. "They did not wait for the aid to come from any other sources. Master Vianni did not disappoint his parents but he brought them glory in return. St. Aloysius is a prestigious Institution in Mangalore and it produces many talents in the society." While concluding he advised the students not to be lazy but to work hard and set a goal in their life and to bring glory to their parents and the school.

Vianni expressed his joy and thanked everyone who supported and encouraged him to reach this stage.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Rodrigues S.J. blessed the achiever and said, "St. Aloysius is a large sector and when any unit gets any achievement, it brings fame to the entire Institution. By achieving the International Master Norm in chess, the little champ Master Vianni brought great fame to his prestigious school. In his 3 years of tenure, Rev. Fr. Melwyn J. Pinto has made a great change in St. Aloysius High School and he is encouraging the students not only in academics, but he also supports the students who are good in sports and other activities," he said.

Mr. Francis Mascarenhas proposed the vote of thanks.



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