Abdul Kareem murder case cracked

29 September 2009

Special investigation team of Dakshina Kannada District Police (DKDP) successfully solved the Abdul Kareem Murder case and the accused were taken in to custody, said Dr Subramanyeshwar Rao, district Superintendent of Police.

He was speaking to the media persons in a press conference which was organized at SP office Mangalore on Monday 28th September 2009.

Special investigation team headed by Prakash K arrested Shamshaad (wife of late Kareem) and Venkatesh (32). During the interrogation two of them admitted that, they are the culprits in Kareem murder.

Confusion and investigation

Late Abdul Karim was a fruit vender near Fr. Muller Hospital in the city, he was also financial business and raised loan from many. Apart from this he had extramarital relations with many. These factors are taken in to consideration and police started investigation. From other angle it has been doubted that, some known person murdered Kareem and they were assisted by the inside people. But police were unable to interrogate his wife and servant in a proper way.

Later on an important clue police arrested Venkatesh on 27/09/2009 at N R Mohalla Mysore. During the interrogation Venkatesh admitted his crime and opened the hidden truth. Soon police arrested main accused Shamshaad at Krishnapura, Surathkal.

The Truth

Abdul Karim had illegal relations with many women; he was taking them home for the same. He was physically torturing his wife Shamshaad. She fed up Kareem’s illegal activities and decided to finish her husband. She joined her hands with Venkatesh, a resident of same complex and started planning to murder Kareem.

Shamshaad also had extramarital relation with Venkatesh. He had given some loan to Karim. Both of these had misunderstanding in financial business and often fight each other. Once Venkatesh said that, he will kill Karim.

Shamshaad took advantage of this and pre planned Karim’s murder. As per the plan Venkatesh left the apartment one week earlier by saying the residents of apartment that he was going to his home town Mysore. In fact he was in Mangalore and waiting for a opportunity to finish Karim.

But, they didn’t find the right time to murder Karim and on 10th September Venkatesh left to Mysore. Two days later on 12 th September Shamshaad asked him to come back and decided to finish him on that night. On her order he came to Mangalore and booked a room at Blue Star lodge in the city and discussed the plan with Shamshaad.

That night when Kareem was sleeping at his home, Shamshhad talked to Venkatesh over phone and ask him to come home. Around 1.00 am in the night Venkatesh came by a bike; as per the plan Shamshaad opened the door.

Shamshaad tied Karim’s hands and legs to the bed and tried to murder him by pressing a pillow on his face. When Karim awakened, Venkatesh hit on his head with a wooden peace.

Both admitted that they wear glows before murdering Karim. After the crime they changed the cloths. Shamshaad gave a duplicate key to Venkatesh and asked him to lock her inside her room also to lock the house from outside. Venkatesh followed her orders and he left to Mysore at the morning hours of 13th September.

Shamshaad tried her best to misguide the police during the initial enquiry by saying that, Karim robbed a some of 30 lakhs rupees of a Andra person, when he was in gulf. She raised the doubt that may be that person did the murder. Not only had that she kept the Balcony door open at Karim’s room. This misguided the police to think some outsiders done the murder.

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