‘Gramoda Gouji’

24 September 2009

‘Gramoda Gouji’ (Village celebration), was held near Padu Bondanthila School on Sunday 20th September 2009. These rare and unique celebrations united all the communities irrespective of their caste and creed. It also throws spotlight on Tulunadu’s traditions, culture and cuisine of the land.

People from all the communities got together, played together, ate and enjoyed together and also performed ‘Kural’ (the act of welcoming the new crop into the village) together.

Traditional games like ‘Lagori’, ‘Kuttidonne’, ‘Baitha Ball Budpini’, ‘Kurve Modepini’, singing ‘Paddana’, ‘Palli, Madal Modepini’, and ‘Maipu Olipuni’ were the highlights of the celebrations. ‘Kesarugadde Ota’ (race in a ploughed paddy field), ‘Edurukathe’ (telling idioms in Tulu) ‘Ulumeyondi Urol’ (songs farmers sing during ploughing) and making a 20-feet human pyramid to reach a prize, were some of the attractive events held on the occasion.

Folk songs by Sheena Nadoli and Mime Ramdas group were an added attraction. Folk dances and other variety programmes were also a part of the engrossing day.

Over 30 varieties of goodies though in small portions were offered to the participants. Each of the dishes came from the local households. The morning breakfast included Green gram juice, followed by lunch with bamboo shoot pickle, Bondu Padengi gasi, Godhi Payasa and Kaje rice! The evening tea was replaced with Raagi Kashaya. Apart from the usual rural culinary delights there were 29 other dishes including the Common Moode, Pathrade, Uppolige gatti, Athrasa, Pelakayda Gunda, and many others.

Pragathibandhu Swasahaya, Vigneswara Grameenabihivruddi Seva Samithi, Navakeerthi Vyayama Shale, Konimar, Durgashakthi Yuvaka Vrunda, and Padu Kombel, were among the several organizations that came together to host this event.

The Gramada Gouji was sponsored by Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Trust in association with Sri Vigneshwara Gramabhivraddi Seva Samithi, Navakirthi Gymnasium and Yuvaka Vranda and Sri Durga Shakthi Yuvaka Vranda.

The celebrations were inaugurated by Kunhanna Shetty a local elder of the village. All the others who adorned the main stage for the inaugural session came from the farm workers community including those who continued their traditional avocations.

Former president of the Mangalore Taluk Panchayat Gokuldas Shetty presided over the programme Muddu Moodubelle, Raghu Hitchidu and others were on the dais as chief guests.

Over 3000 people from Neerumarga, B.C. Road, Mangalore, Vamanjoor, Adyarpadavu and Gurupur participated in the programme.

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