inter-collegiate Konkani competitions inaugrated

29 September 2009

Formal inauguration of Sangath Suvalo, inter-collegiate Konkani competition by Konkani Sangha, St Aloysius College was held at St Aloysius College Auditorium on Saturday 26th September 2009.

Edwin J F Dsouza, Executive Director, Konkani Institution inaugurated the event by beating the tradition musical instrument “Gumta” The logo of Konkani Sangh, St Aloysius College was unveiled at the occasion.

Delivering the inaugural address Edwin J F Dsouza said, we say ‘culture’ but none of us know the meaning of word ‘Culture’. Our country is known for its culture and tradition, which gives the real meaning to our country.

When we see our locality we find many people with different types of celebration. Most of us respect our own celebrations and go against other. Many celebrate feast together to glorify the celebration, which in fact a drama to fool other.

Peopl should think independently and do not have to be foolish by following others. Every one has to be literate towards the celebrations and culture, he opined.

Love towards other community is required to build a strong country, he added.

Fr Francis Almeida, Campus Minister St Aloysius College, delivering presidential address said, every works of has to be neat and time sense should be there. This shows how we are in society and how we can be model citizen for others.

When we talk about the mother tongue, we do not have to go against the other languages because each language has its own importance. Present all speak about mother tongue but rarely will they have action on it?, he raised a question to think.

Preserve of Culture, tradition and language should be in action, not in words. The word “Kingdom of God’’ gets the real meaning, by achieving distance of religion, tradition, celebration and culture. Be a role model for other not an achiever of distance and separation. Establish kingdom of god, where all can see a peaceful country with development, he requested.

Concepta Fernandes, AIR functional supervisor, Severine Pinto, President Konkani Sangh and Ashwin Kumble Secretary Konkani Sangh were present on the dais.

Competitions for college students were organized by the Konkani Sangh St Aloysius College Mangalore. Students participated in Singing competition, Jokes and other competitions.



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