MCC Monthly meet

30 September 2009

Monthly meet of MCC was held today at MCC building Lalbagh Mangalore. Session started with the discussion about the problems in water supply for corporation area and cutting of illegal pipeline connection to Thumbe dam water pipelines.

Mayor stated that disconnection of illegal pipeline increased more than 6 MGD and helped to save 16% of water. Surathkal – Katipalla is getting all the benefits from new water pipelines and water tanks.

When the issue of giving door number to the house and commercial places Mayor said, “MCC and District Administration is taking the decision in providing door numbers. It is delaying because many may misuse the door numbers in commercial uses. Even MCC has taken step in paying self assessment taxes soon the order will come from the authority to help the public. This order will be in favor of general public of Mangalore.

Meanwhile the issue of Kadri Park Development and banning of road near Kadri Park, raised by the local corporator. Answering the local corporator of same party Mayor said discussion about this matter is in progress. This process finished only two meetings and it is to save Kadri temple, which is getting effected by the development. It is to save the temple and fountains of temple. Temple will be saved on public interest and shifting of local residents of Kadri temple surrounding is depend on the decision by the public along with the concerned authorities, he added.

Even the MCC corporator blamed that MCC engineers and executives are not able to co operate with public nor with the elected representatives same time meetings by the MCC officers is not able to attend by the corporator’s. Here the absence of MCC engineers and other officers failed to answer elected representatives.

End of the first session opposite party members raised the issue regarding supply of water to Nagarjuna Power Project but the time break postponed the discussion to the second session. As the second session started the members of opposite party started raising voice against Mayor and his decision to give water to Nagarjuna. Opposite party members walked in front of mayor’s desk and started slogans opposing his decision.



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