DGM Lexmi Kumaran sacked

30 September 2009

The ONGC has sacked the DGM of MRPL Lexmi Kumaran holding her responsible for the frequent closure of the units due to the serial fire mishaps. ‘Karavali Ale’ has brought out several exclusive reports on more than ten fire mishaps that had taken place in the last couple of months.

The efforts by the MRPL DGM Lexmi Kumaran to hush up these incidents from public gaze could not succeed due to the extensive coverage given by ‘Karavali Ale’. Following the reports that appeared in Karavali Ale, ONGC had formed an enquiry team to probe into the fire mishaps happening at regular intervals in MRPL. After a detailed enquiry into the incidents, the ONGC has issued order to terminate the services of DGM Lexmi Kumaran.

In the month of August alone more than seven fire mishaps had occurred in the crude oil unit of MRPL. ‘Karavali Ale’ had reported all the hazardous fire accidents based on the information provided by the technical staff of MRPL. Out of these, two incidents were of a very serious nature so much so that even a minor slip by the MRPL fire and safety personnel would have destroyed many villages in and around Mangalore. The flames were finally put off by the fire and safety personnel after a prolonged struggle. But it took 15 days for the company to recover from the damages caused by these accidents during which it suffered a huge financial loss of crores of rupees.

Despite this, the DGM Lexmi Kumaran had all along been denying all the reports that appeared in Karavali Ale. Another local media run by mafia interests not only denied the fire accidents that occurred in MRPL but went to the extent of describing the entire episode as the creation of Karavali Ale.
It is against this background the 21st AAGM of MRPL which was held recently had agreed in principle to spend a sum of Rs 25 crores for the study of fire mishaps in MRPL. The director of MRPL who met three days after the AGM were reported to have taken Lexmi Kumaran to task. “You can silence the media by throwing parties and releasing advertisements. But how will you silence the share holders? How will you explain the loss of several crores of rupees to the share holders?” the directors questioned her. After this, the Board of Directors had issued an order terminating the services of DGM which was communicated yesterday.

Witchcraft backfires

Lexmi Kumaran who had believed that two ghosts haunting the MRPL units were behind the recent fire mishaps had conducted a homa to get rid of the evil spirits. The matter which appeared in ‘Karavali Ale’ and `Deccan Chronicle’ had created a controversy. She also had a series of such rituals conducted within the MRPL premises to ward off the evil spirits. But none of these witch craft could prevent the fire mishaps. She had also worn strange chains around her neck following a sudarshana homa.

source the canara times


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