Police officials organizes route march

26 September 2009

The district police officials organized a route march for district policemen on Friday 25th September 2009. The march was organized to instill a sense of confidence in the minds of the people of the city.

The current issues in the city over the days made public insecure and the people started to loose confidence on law and order in the district. This march was intended to convey a message to the public that, the police department is fully equipped and ready to face any untoward incidents in the city.

The route march was started from the ground of the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP), moved via State Bank Circle, Rao and Rao Circle, Old Krishna Bhavan, Car Street, Kudroli, Mannagudda, PVS Circle, M G Road, K S Rao Road and Hampankatta.

All the contingents of the policemen, the district armed reserve police and the policewomen, accompanied by police vehicles, took part in the march. Police band too accompanied the marching police personnel.

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