Headache in Renaming Circle

03 September 2009

Clock Towers which located in front of University College at Mangalore city now became a headache for Mangalore City Corporation. MCC renovated the circle during road widening work. After the renovation this circle lost its name and now it is unnamed.

Hindu Jana Jagruthi Samithi (HJJS) suggested that the circle should be named as Chatrapati Shivaji Circle. On the other hand DYFI have wants the name as Bhagath Singh Circle. Both have applied MCC to name the circle with these hero’s.
Shivaji was only the emperor of Maharashtra and not a freedom fighter. His name was inspired by Shiva Sena of Maharashtra. Naming the circle after his name may cause many problems in future. We have good regards for Shivaji but naming the circle after his name is not good, argues DYFI.

However the name of the circle will be finalized by MCC only after following the procedure and guidelines mention by the Government in the year 2006. But both these organizations irk MCC with two different names.

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