Rajasthani food festival in Mangalore

05 September 2009

The Gateway hotel (formerly Taj Manjarun) for the next ten days you will find the rustic voices of Rajasthani desert singers doing 'Mast Khalandar' and many other numbers that is typically Rajasthani. But that is not all, divert your eyes towards the dinner counter and there you will find the items one could hardly find in the south. But be fair to them there are not less than 23 varieties of goodies to taste and even small portions as less as a spoon of each of them will fill yourself up.

The Bati, Lachchedar paratha, and besan ki missi puri, and to go with them is the laal maans (red meat) delicacies and safed Maans (white meat) dishes, invariably everything is cooked with almonds,cashew, nuts and coconuts.

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